National Board

Polly Apfelbaum

Donald L. Bryant, Jr.

Lisa Corrin

Elizabeth Dunbar

Charlotte and Bill Ford

Agnes Gund

Glenn D. Lowry

Helen Molesworth

Heather and Anthony Podesta

Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn and Nicolas Rohatyn

Yvonne Force Villareal and Leo Villareal

Hamza Walker

Board of Directors


Andrew Srenco, Chair

Alexis M. Cossé, Vice Chair

Phyllis Langsdorf, Secretary

Matthew Fischer, Treasurer  


Board Members

Bradley Bailey

Allen Barber

Susan Barrett

Mark Botterman

Alexis M. Cossé

Sima Familiant

John Ferring

David Gantt

Nancy Kranzberg

Katherine Lazar

Sandy Lehrer

Judith W. Levy

Susan McCollum

Dennis McGrath

Dean H. Mutter

Rebecca Nelson

David S. Obedin

Dorte Probstein

Emily Rauh Pulitzer

Jacob W. Reby

Julian Schuster

Rex A. Sinquefield

Amy Soper

Michael Staenberg

Donald Suggs

Kate Warne

Pat Whitaker

Jason Wilson

Jackie Yoon



Barbara Z. Cook

Charles Cook

Terrance Good

Joan Goodson

Marylen Mann

Isabelle Montupet

Donna Moog

Ann Ruwitch

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