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Join CAM as we host SLOUP, a monthly soup dinner in St. Louis that supports projects, primarily artistic or communicative, that need a little funding and belief, on January 30 at 2:00 pm in our Café. Artists and other community individuals will dine on a curried sweet potato soup provided by Local Harvest.  Chef Clara Moore will be onsite to talk about the recipe and eating local. During the meal, submitted artist proposals will be distributed and guests will be encouraged to read, discuss, and vote on the winning proposal. Your $10 donation directly funds the winning artist’s project. Past winners will also be there to join the conversation.  Complimentary wine and beer will be served.


What is sloup?

SLOUP is a community soup dinner – open to the public – dedicated to reviewing local artist proposals and funding a selected project through the contributions from the soup. The soup will be donated by a local chef or restaurant and members of the public will donate $10 for the soup.  The collective funds will be given to the winning proposal selected through a democratic vote of the people there discussing the projects.