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Tuesday, October 15, 2013
7:00 PM

$75; $50 for members.

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In partnership with Chris Bork and T.J. Vytlacil of Blood & Sand, CAM presents an intimate four-course meal inspired by the current exhibitions and followed by a museum tour. Experience some of the most creative dining in town at this new incarnation of one of CAM’s most popular programs, redesigned as part of the tenth-anniversary celebration of CAM’s critically acclaimed building. Limited seating available. Special thanks to Feast Magazine for media and program support.


  • Ash toasted vegetables, brown butter, brioche, smoked maple syrup
  • Smoked trout, burnt lemon curd, apple, creme fraiche
  • Bacon poached chicken, beurre blanc, honey pickled cipollini onions, chartreuse, gold leaf
  • Cinder toffee, squash, ginger ice cream, molasses
  • Cocktails and drinks to be announced

Blood & Sand
Chris Bork and TJ Vytlacil started the private restaurant Blood & Sand with partner Adam Frager just over two years ago. Combining mixology, an eclectic wine cellar, and a truly farm-to-table from-scratch kitchen, Blood & Sand has become the restaurant that the three envisioned. The name Blood & Sand is based on a classic cocktail from the 1920s as well as the Rudolph Valentino silent film of the same name. The owners chose to make Blood & Sand private in order to build trust and investment among members and to create a place people felt they truly belonged to. As Vytlacil says, “We tirelessly work toward the best experience possible and continually reinvent ourselves. We are unique in our approach and philosophy in that we live and breathe hospitality with a balance of integrity for what we serve.”

Culinary Institute of St. Louis 
The Culinary Institute of St. Louis at Hickey College offers an 18-month associate degree and a 12-month diploma option. Students graduate from both programs with an employer-ready package of cooking and business skills. The St. Louis hospitality industry is seeking graduates from these programs to demonstrate their skills and fulfill their mission of service. The first in a series of Feast Your Eyes dinners will be served by student volunteers who are eager to put those skills to the test.