Calendar of Events

Rock N Roll Craft Show After Party

Nov 30, 2013, 6:00pm

Saturday, November 30, 2013
Doors: 5:00 pm, Shows: 6:00 pm

$3; free for CAM members and RRCS attendees.

Join us Saturday night at CAM for the Rock N Roll Craft Show After Party, featuring live bands, comedy, artist demonstrations, drinks, the Fisheye Fun photobooth, and more. The RRCS After Party is a musical showcase celebrating ten years of the Rock N Roll Craft Show in St. Louis. RRCS attendees are invited to continue the RRCS festivities on day two by strolling down Spring Street to CAM and celebrating in musical style.

Comedy in the Lou

Kelsey McClure
Kelsey McClure is a distinctively average comedian. She also books, promotes, hosts and produces a variety of comedy events in the city. She doesn’t mind speaking in third person and one day hopes to sit on Conan O’Brien’s couch. Once a month Kelsey recommends comedy shows to see in St. Louis and on occasion gets to interview comedians. Proof of which can be found via the Riverfront Times.

Jon Venegoni
Jon Venegoni is an up-and-coming local comic that performs in and hosts many shows around St. Louis and the midwest. He is the 2013 winner of RFT’s Standup Throwdown. He is thrilled that you are reading this and considering coming to the show!

Kenny Kinds
Kenny Kinds has always kept the MacGuffin of stand up comedy in his brain for most of his life.Though his primary focus has been film, which has culminated in award winning and festival screened shorts, the visceral satisfaction of writing and performing live material has pushed him head first into a brand new and satisfying aspect of entertainment. As a runner-up in the 2012 Riverfront Times Stand Up Throwdown, Kenny has listed his primary influences as Dave Chappelle, Dave Attell and Andy Kindler.


The Educated Guess
Recently named “Best Pop Band” by the Riverfront Times, The Educated Guess is a symphonic pop band from St. Louis that began in 2006 and is often accompanied by the Emperor Norton Orchestra.

The Jungle Fire
Recently named the Riverfront Times’ “Best Soul Band in St. Louis”, The Jungle Fire is the brainchild of songwriter and guitarist Dan Johanning and features members from a wide variety of backgrounds – jazz, classical, punk, alt-country and hip-hop. Their onstage presence and energy is unrivaled, singing and playing with undeniable passion and drive. It’s no mystery why huge events like Fair St. Louis, Food Truck Feast and Euclid Records’ Record Store Day have invited them to play: The Jungle Fire gets it. They know how to play a show with a message that still entertains folks of all ages.