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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tour: 6:30 pm / Dinner: 7:00 pm

$75; $50 for members. Limited seating available.

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In partnership with chef Josh Galliano and mixologist Nick Luedde of The Libertine, CAM presents a tour of the museum followed by an intimate four-course meal inspired by the current exhibitions. Don’t miss this new incarnation of one of CAM’s most popular programs, redesigned as part of CAM’s tenth anniversary.

Special thanks to Feast Magazine and the Culinary Institute of St. Louis at Hickey College.


First Course: Ocean
Inspired by Takeshi Murata: Melter 2
Lemongrass cured cobia, seabeans, dashi rocks, shaved asparagus

Second Course: The Mouse
Inspired by Joyce Pensato: I KILLED KENNY
Rock shrimp risotto, black garlic - squid ink aioli

Third Course: In the Trailer Park
Inspired by Dear Nemesis, Nicole Eisenman 1993-2013
Fried bologna, yellow mustard spaetzle, funyuns

Fourth Course: Colors
Inspired by Ron Gorchov: Serapis
Rhubarb - ginger, violet, chamomile creme, anise

Paired with drinks

The Libertine
Helmed by proprietors Nick & Audra Luedde and renowned St. Louis Chef Josh Galliano, The Libertine is a re-imagined neighborhood eatery that serves accessible yet ingredient driven food to the surrounding community and beyond. Backed by an All-Star team including Josh Poletti (Executive Sous Chef) Galliano displays his culinary acumen with a menu divided into three categories: Vegetable, Fish, and of course Meat — and while vegetables, fish, or meat are respectively the main stars of their categories, there are crossovers in each area so you’ll get a little bit of everything. Bread is baked daily, desserts are homemade and there are always new and rousing creations on the menu.

The cocktail menu at The Libertine returns one back to the very roots of what it once meant to enjoy a truly great drink. With an extensive & meticulously stocked bar, The Libertine’s offerings are anything but typical. Nationally acclaimed Mixologist Peter Vestinos, Nate Weber and award winning mixologist Nick Luedde have teamed up to craft modernized parlor cocktails completely from scratch. Taking pride in the creation of a cocktail menu filled with fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers, housemade cordials, bitters, and tinctures, and freshly squeezed nectars all prepared with the whimsy and precision required to hearken one back to those times of yesteryear when merrymaking was more than just a drink, it was an art form.

Culinary Institute of St. Louis 
The Culinary Institute of St. Louis at Hickey College offers an 18-month associate degree and a 12-month diploma option. Students graduate from both programs with an employer-ready package of cooking and business skills. The St. Louis hospitality industry is seeking graduates from these programs to demonstrate their skills and fulfill their mission of service. The first in a series of Feast Your Eyes dinners will be served by student volunteers who are eager to put those skills to the test.


Exhibition-related programs are generously supported by Emerson. 


Special thanks to Feast Magazine for their media and program support.