Chuck Cook

Chuck Cook

Chuck Cook served as Treasurer for the Board of Directors at the Museum until 2007. During his years on the Board, Chuck was instrumental in obtaining the finances needed for the construction and opening of CAM’s current building.

How would you describe your relationship with CAM?

Many years ago, my wife, Boo, asked that I volunteer my business skills to this charity, although those skills had nothing to do with art or the charity’s mission—and I was happy to do so.

Thus began a relationship with CAM that still continues. Along the way, I’ve had many opportunities to view and become engaged by the various exhibitions of contemporary art. So did I become an aficionado? Nothing could be further from the truth. Friends have heard me describe myself (and others describe me) as mostly color-blind and tasteless—evaluations painfully accurate. So the appreciation of contemporary art is best left to Boo and many others who truly love it.

I’m a businessman, and my working at CAM gives me a good appreciation of where the Museum “fits” in the St. Louis community and why it is so important as a part of that community.

Why is CAM important to St. Louis?

What makes St. Louis so attractive is its quality of life, and that largely relates to its institutions, like CAM, that offer those relocating to the area as well as those growing up and staying here a variety of enjoyable and educational experiences found in few other cities.

CAM is one of the keys to St. Louis’s quality of life and continues to merit wide community support.