Step 2: Artist Studio Information


Eligible artists must maintain working studios in St. Louis City, University City, or Maplewood to participate in the program, and must be able to open their studios to the public from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on either Saturday, July 28 or Sunday, July 29, 2011. CAM will allocate, based upon neighborhood, which day your studio will be open.

Alternative Spaces

On a first-come-first-served basis, a limited number of studio spaces will also be made available at an alternate venue to those artists whose studios lie outside the prescribed limits or those that do not have traditional studio practices. These spaces will function as “pop-up studios” as well as “project spaces” for artists wishing to engage audiences in performative, installation, new media, participatory, or other works. If you are interested in an alternative space, please remember to check the appropriate box on the online registration form.


CWOS is open to all artists working in every discipline (traditional and non-traditional). CAM highly encourages artists to share spaces or participate collectively in the program. Artists must pay the registration fee as individual, but can share the same studio/address. Art organizations that promote and/or support local artists via studios and other means are also welcome to particpate in the program.


Often artists that group together will receive greater attendance to their spaces. But individual, non-shared studios are not discouraged. All artists will be provided with postcards in which they can individually market their spaces.


Please note, artists are responsible for insurance coverage in their own studios. Please make sure your space is safe and free of hazards.


Step 2: Artist Studio Information

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