New Video, New Europe

Sep 10, 2004 - Nov 21, 2004

New Video, New Europe features work by 39 artists from sixteen Eastern European countries stretching from the Baltic through the Balkans. The video works reflect a variety of genres and approaches – documentary, diaristic, ethnographic, experimental - and is broken up into a series of discreet programs ranging in length from 45 to 105 minutes. Some programs cannot fail to reflect a specific region, such as the 45-minute grouping of works addressing the residual resonance of war and ethnic tensions in the former Yugoslavia. Other programs unwittingly expose quirky national character traits such as an obsession with death apparently peculiar to Estonia. And still others reveal tendencies endemic to the entire region such as a self-deprecating humor symptomatic of anxieties about joining the European Union.

Curated by Hamza Walker, Education Director at the Renaissance Society of the University of Chicago,