Highlighted Member: Christy Fox

Highlighted Member: Christy Fox

Name: Christy Fox
Member Level: Contributor
Member Since: 1992

What have been your favorite exhibitions at the Museum?

The Torbjorn exhibition in 2010 was so intriguing. The artist used so many familiar characters that I couldn’t help but think of my own personal associations with them. It can be a very powerful experience when artwork is able to conjure up personal thoughts or feelings.

I also have a particular fondness for Great Rivers Biennial exhibitions because I always enjoy seeing young artists challenging themselves to create a show worthy of this institution. It’s exciting to see that kind of new talent developing in St. Louis. It has certainly opened my eyes to what is happening in this city.

And, of course, the Jennifer Steinkamp projection is just wonderful. I’ve been an admirer of her work for years. I first saw her work at the Denver Art Museum, but to see it outside truly showcases Jennifer’s creativity and talent. To take CAM’s facade and transform it into something so beautiful is simply breathtaking.

How about your favorite programs?
I think the Anthony McCall exhibition is spectacular. I’ve taken everyone to see that show and made them sit for 15 minutes to watch the work. So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to hear him speak at his artist talk. It’s obvious that he’s taken the time necessary to create his concept and is so totally engaged in the process. Another program I love is Breakfast with Curators. It’s a wonderful opportunity to engage with the staff, delve into a particular show, and better understand the artwork—something that isn’t always possible during an opening night event. And of course, there’s always Open Studios, and who doesn’t love visiting artist studios!

Why is CAM important to you?
My interest in CAM stems from a longtime commitment to contemporary art. When I go to a museum, I head straight for the contemporary art galleries. So for me, CAM is it. It is the place to go when I want to be stimulated. Every time I come to the Museum, my definition of art expands and grows. CAM is always bringing in the work of innovative artists, and these exhibitions are crucial to the local art scene.

Why would you encourage someone to join the Museum?
Of course, if you’re interested in the visual arts, you should join a museum. But if you’re interested in expanding your horizons, you should join CAM. By becoming a member, you will be introduced to the latest work, the latest artists, and have an opportunity to share your interests with others. Both my husband and daughter have taken full advantage of our membership. Personally, I know that I have had enriching, rewarding experiences at CAM—and it’s fun!

What excites you the most about CAM’s future?
CAM has done a great job over the past ten years paving the way for contemporary art—which is not easy to do in a Midwestern city. CAM continues to exhibit cutting-edge art and bring artists to speak to us about their work. The combination of Lisa Melandri’s energy and the excitement she brings to CAM will undoubtedly extend the Museum’s reach into the St. Louis community as well as its visibility in the greater art world.

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