Highlighted Member: Frecky Lewis

Highlighted Member: Frecky Lewis

What was your first experience at CAM? 

I first visited CAM for a Young Friends event several years ago shortly after moving back to St. Louis. That evening I had the opportunity to see two new exhibitions, learn about the artists from museum curators, and exchange thoughts with other visitors over a glass of wine. A fantastic evening! There was truly a palpable enthusiasm in the air, and I was hooked.  

What made you join the museum? 
After discovering what a treasure CAM is I wanted to feel that I was a part of it. For me that meant not just supporting the museum financially, but also making sure I didn’t miss out on future events, so I became a member. The range of art you can see at the CAM is truly stunning: from two-dimensional and three-dimensional works to videos and soundscapes; from art viewed from a distance to art that surrounds you and becomes your entire world. Each time you return you don’t just see the same walls with new paintings; you actually have an entirely different experience. What doesn’t change, though, is that the experience is always thought-provoking. 

Why would you encourage others to become members? 
One of my favorite things about the CAM is that there are many opportunities to share the viewing experience with other people. With such a wide variety of exhibitionss at the museum, you never know what each visit will bring, and you will often find yourself having powerful responses to the art. On any given day you may discover art that you find beautiful, edgy, haunting, soothing, controversial, or even psychedelic. Some of it will make you feel good, and some of it will make you uncomfortable–the point is, it will make you feel something. When viewing art that can evoke such intense emotions, having the opportunity to discuss it with other people is priceless. As a CAM member, you receive advance notice and invitations to all sorts of fun events where you can share your thoughts and impressions with other interesting and curious people.