Highlighted Member: Joe Jacobson

Highlighted Member: Joe Jacobson

Joe Jacobson
Member since: 2010
Member Level: Contributor


What was your favorite exhibition at the museum?
While I think the exhibitions are generally of high quality, I think the Lari Pittman exhibit during the summer of 2013 was truly outstanding. I like art that holds my attention for more than a moment. Each of Lari’s paintings was so complex and packed with images, colors, thoughts, and relationships that I couldn’t just look at it, get it, and move on. They required a lot of time. And then there were so many paintings. It was really a great set of paintings.

I also really loved the Nicole Eisenman retrospective Dear Nemesis. I love her drawings, her paintings, her prints. I’ve been back three times to look at her work.

Why are you a member of CAM?
I love art. I hope to be an artist when I grow up. Whenever I travel and whenever I have free time in town, I try to work in some time to go to art museums, galleries, and the like. And since I get so much pleasure out of it, I think it is only right that I contribute money to it. So it’s both selfish (I want to do my part to keep this wonderful thing available to me) and not (I want to do my part to have this wonderful thing available to others). I think CAM is an exceptionally good small museum, so I joined to help keep it around and improving.

Do you have a favorite program or event?
I really enjoy the exhibition openings and the accompanying artists and curator talks. There is a good energy at the openings, and I always learn something at the talks.


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