Highlighted Member: Karen and Dick Priest

Highlighted Member: Karen and Dick Priest

Name: Karen and Dick Priest
Member Level: Family
Member Since: 2003

What was your favorite exhibition at CAM?

This summer’s exhibition of Lari Pittman: A Decorated Chronology was wonderful. We also very much enjoyed Maya Lin’s exhibition Systematic Landscapes.

Do you have a favorite program or event?
Breakfast with the Curators!

Why are you a member of CAM? And, why would you encourage others to become members?
We have been members of CAM since the building opened in 2003. As members, we are able to support CAM’s unique contribution to the local art scene. The arts always need support!

What was your first experience at CAM?
The first experience we had at CAM was coming to opening night in the new, spectacular building located on Washington Boulevard. We were wowed by the exhibition space as well as the architecture.

Why is CAM important to St. Louis?
The Museum consistently shakes up an otherwise staid, conservative art scene and represents the leading edge of contemporary art in St. Louis.

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