Highlighted Member: Norma Vance

Highlighted Member: Norma Vance

Norma Vance as a child.

What made you join the Museum?
I first came to CAM on a summer afternoon when I was out alone and spied this attractive building and wondered, ‘“What is going on in there?”. I strolled in to see and left only after asking about volunteer opportunities. So, I would say the building lured me in and the exhibition kept my interest. 

Do you have a favorite program or event?
I suppose my favorite program is the Stroller Tour and Play Date. Children are free spirits, and it is delightful to see them dive into activities and begin expressing themselves at an early age. I feel CAM will be a happy memory for them and I do hope they will be future members of the museum. The DADA ball was so much fun to observe—volunteering has never been more exciting.

Why are you a member of CAM?
It would be selfish for me to enjoy a museum as much as I enjoy CAM and not give support through membership. As a member, I am kept informed of activities and opportunities and have a feeling of belonging here.  I truly believe we all leave footprints as we travel throughout our lives—I want to participate in a positive way and membership makes a positive statement. I have had satisfying contacts with the museum staff and find it important to be supportive of CAM.

Why would you encourage others to become members of CAM?
I do encourage friends to get acquainted and hope that more people will see the interesting things going on at CAM and perhaps choose to become a member. I would be thrilled if more in my age group, those over 80, would venture in to CAM and join us.

Why is CAM important to you?
On a very personal level, CAM gives me a learning outlet. It is important as one ages to continue growing; although lunching at chicken salad tea rooms can be pleasant, I want something more. I really like wandering through exhibitions even when I struggle to completely understand the artist’s interpretations. Stretching my imagination and holding an open acceptance is my approach.

Why is CAM important to St. Louis?
St. Louis is an absolutely wonderful city but, I sometimes feel the history overshadows the new growth. Therefore, with CAM and other newer museums this city attracts a forward reaching population. The mix is essential. And the facility is an architectural wonder.

What excites you most about CAM’s future?
I am truly excited about CAM’s future. I know the exhibitions will continue to be enlightening and the city will be even more involved with CAM. I feel confident that CAM will remain well-staffed and energetic, and I know more people will become involved with it.