Highlighted Member: Sara Gulbrandsen

Highlighted Member: Sara Gulbrandsen

Each month, CAM spotlights a member whose support has been instrumental to the Museum. Learn who these members are, what they love about the Museum, and why they decided to join. This is a great opportunity to get to know others within the CAM community and celebrate members’ support.

Name: Sara Gulbrandsen 
Member level: Individual 
Member Since: 2011

What is your favorite exhibition?

I loved the exhibition Cryptic: The Use of Allegory, especially the piece by Folkert de Jong. His sculptures were startling and comical at first, but very insightful once you learned more about the artist’s perspective. The Great Rivers Biennial 2010 was another exhibition that was fantastic. Sarah Frost’s installation of handmade paper guns based on YouTube videos created by young kids was so unique and intriguing. I was so taken by her work that I told all my friends and family about the exhibit and encouraged them to check it out.

What is your favorite program?

Opening Night is my favorite. It is thrilling to see a new exhibition for the first time and take in how the museum itself has drastically changed in shape and form. It’s also the first time the exhibition is open to the public, so you are seeing and hearing everyone’s reaction to the show. Even though it’s a very social event, it’s a very personal one too. It makes for an energetic and exciting evening!

Why did you become a member?

I grew up in the Chicago area, and my parents, particularly my mom, took advantage of the art community there. She would take my brother and me out of school for the day and meet my dad downtown. It was during these family outings that I was introduced to Chicago-style pizza and the Art Institute of Chicago! This was when I first started to appreciate contemporary art. Wherever I have lived, I have always sought out modern and contemporary art. So when I moved to St. Louis, I immediately started looking for a museum that offered that same exposure. Many museums in the area offer a great experience, but CAM challenges what I know about art and encourages my appreciation for contemporary art. I wanted to support an organization that continues to surprise and challenge me.

What excites you about CAM’s future?

I love the programs that CAM offers. In one week, I can go to so many different programs and events—First Fridays, Artist Talks, or Sunday Studio. The Member Book Club is a great addition to those programs. It offers members the opportunity to connect with others who share similar interests. It also gives members the chance to sit down with the director and staff to hear their view point about the book in relation to the current exhibition. I would love to see CAM create similar programs that are member focused.

What is your favorite thing about being a member?

ACCESSIBLITY! I never thought I would be able to talk face-to-face with a director of a museum and discuss an exhibition currently on view. But I have had the opportunity to meet CAM’s director, curators, and other staff through my membership. CAM staff is passionate, well informed, and an incredible resource. And, most importantly, they genuinely care about their members. I have never had that experience at other art institutions.

Any last words to our readers?

Join! If you are reading this interview, you have already signed up for the emails, probably seen the current exhibition, and have taken advantage of a program. You can become a member for practically nothing and experience even more. The benefits are amazing, so what are you waiting for!

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