Highlighted Member: Tiffany Johnson Cade

Highlighted Member: Tiffany Johnson Cade

Do you have a favorite program or event?
Breakfast with the Curators, with the very thought provoking curator-led tours, is my favorite. I get to meet fellow members and leave with a better understanding of artists’ thought processes, political stances, and points of view. Knowing the meaning behind a work of art makes it all the more enjoyable.

Why are you a member of CAM?
I am a lover of all things artsy, creative, and fun. CAM instantly gives off that vibe whenever I visit. It’s where the cool people go for art and culture—I want to be cool!

What made you join the Museum?
I really like the small, intimate setting at CAM; it’s not overwhelming like the typical big city museum. You can easily digest whatever exhibit is currently on display. I am also an artist, so naturally I support the arts whenever possible. 

Why is CAM important to you?
I am very intrigued by living artists and the meaning behind their work. CAM keeps things spicy by constantly changing out shows, bringing in interesting speakers, and hosting great hands-on workshops by exhibiting artists.