Highlighted Member: Jeff and Leslie Zacks

Highlighted Member: Jeff and Leslie Zacks

What was your favorite exhibition at the museum?
We really enjoyed Maya Lin: Systematic Landscapes. In those pieces, Lin translated data about bathymetry and topography into physical forms that you could experience by walking around and through. Both of us enjoy being out on the water or up in the mountains, so it was really neat to see those spaces rendered in a way that you could explore. Seeing deep ocean structures built as positive forms in wood changes how you feel when you’re sitting on top of a lake or ocean in a boat.

Why would you encourage others to become members of CAM?
CAM does a great job keeping you up to speed on what’s happening in contemporary art without overwhelming you. It’s an easy way to support the Museum and enrich your arts experience.

What was your first experience at CAM?
In 2004 we saw the simutaneously cuddly and distrubing sculptures in Yoshitomo Nara: Nothing Ever Happens. That was the first time we saw his art; now we notice his work everywhere.

Why is CAM important to you?
We’re busy people and it’s easy to drift out of touch with what’s going on in the world. CAM is so user-friendly that we can pop in and always learn one or two things that we find exciting in contemporary art.

Why is CAM important to St. Louis?
St. Louis is “on the bubble” in terms of culture and lifestyle. On the one hand, we think it’s a terrifically good place to live, with tons to do and lots of great restaurants. On the other hand, we recognize that we’re medium-sized metropolitan area that is geographically spread out. So, without care and feeding, a lot of our great cultural organizations are at risk.