Highlighted Members: Kyle Baxter and Alan Ratchford

Highlighted Members: Kyle Baxter and Alan Ratchford

Name: Kyle Baxter and Alan Ratchford
Member Level: Patron
Member Since: 2000

Why are you a member of CAM?
We love the vibrancy! CAM brings to us new ways to access and approach art, and while the exhibitions have global stature, it keeps us connected to local artists and their work. A reference was made recently—we believe it was by Lisa Melandri—about CAM being the living room of the community. This felt quite accurate to us. No matter the event, we find welcoming smiles from supporters, staff, and artists. In simple terms, CAM people are FUN people.

What is your first memory of CAM or first experience at the Museum?
Alan: When I first met Kyle, he was a volunteer docent who gave tours of CAM and the Pulitzer on Saturdays. After our first date, which was carry-out Indian food followed by watching the presidential debate between George W. Bush and John Kerry, I couldn’t wait to see Kyle again, so I surprised him by showing up at his tour. I was blown away by the art and the architecture of both buildings. From that day forward I was sold on CAM. Nearly ten years later, I am still a member of CAM and still together with Kyle.

Kyle: Back when CAM was the Forum for Contemporary Art, I was a student at SLU. I was looking to do some volunteer work, and I strolled into the Forum. Roseann Weiss greeted me immediately at the door. She spent so much time with me that day, introducing me to contemporary art and providing a plethora of ideas for how I could become involved, that I felt very much on that day in particular that the Museum was indeed a living room of the community!

Why is it important to support CAM?
CAM is important! CAM introduces us to the new and challenges us with fresh perspectives. CAM offers us opportunities to converse in ways we didn’t realize we could. In the process, CAM introduces many from outside St. Louis to our community. Support can be given in many different ways. You can become a member, make donations, or volunteer your time, but support can also be the dialogue that you create about art while you are there.

What do you hope for the future of CAM?
Our hope is that CAM will always be a living room to the community. CAM is a place where those who are interested in, curious about, and inspired by art come together. When you walk in the door, we hope there is always a smile, always a welcome, and always an engaging dialogue (either with people you know or someone new) about the objects on display.

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