Internships: How to Apply

Internships: How to Apply

Internships: How to Apply

Apply now for the Fall 2017 internship term.

Fall 2017: September 4, 2017–December 15, 2017

All applicants must submit a current resume, cover letter, and course or work schedule, if applicable. Each document may not exceed one page and should all be compiled into one PDF, if possible.  Applicants to the Curatorial department must submit a 7-10 page writing sample in addition to the above-mentioned documents. This writing sample should be a current and strong sample of the applicant’s writing, preferably on the topic of art history.   

This document should include your current contact information, work and volunteer experience, and educational background. 

Cover Letter
Your cover letter should introduce yourself, list your qualifications, and explain what you expect to achieve by being an intern at CAM.

Course and/or Work schedule
Your class and/or work schedule should list the hours you are unavailable to work at the internship during the term you are applying for.

These materials should be submitted by email to: 

Tara Morton, Assistant to the Director         
314.535.0770 x206

Priority Application Deadline: Wednesday, August 23, 2017