Terry Good

Terry Good

Terry Good first became involved with the Forum for Contemporary Art in 1991. His relationship with the organization grew over the next ten years culminating with his service as Chairman of the Board of Directors during the conceptualization and ground-breaking of the Museum building at 3750 Washington Boulevard—its current home. 

How did you get involved with CAM?

I first got involved in the early 1990s after being asked to join the Board. I have long had an interest in art, and it was a natural for me. I especially enjoyed a program at the Forum called New Collectors.  The New Collectors program was a great opportunity to learn about contemporary art and artist through trips to contemporary art fairs, classes, and discussion circles. It also encouraged me to start my own collection. I still remember the very first piece of original art I purchased….and the sticker shock.  Once I got the piece home and hung it, I felt like I needed to take everything else that had been hanging on the walls down. The presence of an original work overshadowed everything else. 

What role do you think CAM plays in the contemporary art world?

I see the Museum as a place that displays and exhibits the most contemporary art around—visitors can see what is happening right now in the art world. Even the building itself is an embodiment of the contemporary art spirit now present in St. Louis. CAM is like a free trip to New York.

How has CAM helped you better appreciate contemporary art?

CAM is where I learned about contemporary art, and the place where I began to collect. The Museum supports its exhibitions with programs that educate the public about the art on the walls to help better understand where the artists are going. For me, this meant exposure to other collectors, artists, gallerists, and art-world personalities that lead to an increased vocabulary and new language to discuss and understand art. By its nature as a small institution, CAM was able to provide intimate, personal learning opportunities and experiences that allowed me to grow as a contemporary art enthusiast.