18 Questions

We want to keep you connected with the art and artists of our time, and of our community. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more 18 Questions, featuring artists in St. Louis.

Cayce Zavaglia

A former Great Rivers Biennial award-winner, Cayce Zavaglia has expanded aesthetic and conceptual notions of embroidery, creating portraits that resemble classical oil paintings. Here she answers 18 Questions from Lisa Melandri, CAM Executive Director.


Tim Portlock

Tim Portlock, one of the 2020 Great Rivers Biennial award-winners, plans to focus his fall exhibition on the failings of American optimism, as seen in the phenomenon of entire neighborhoods disintegrating and new developments taking root in the blink of an eye. Here he answers 18 Questions from Wassan Al-Khudhairi, CAM Chief Curator.


Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris is a multimedia artist, curator, composer, and electrical engineer. He was an artist-in-residence at CAM in 2013-14, where he curated Audible Interruptions, a series of site-specific sound installations that investigated the museum’s sonic identity.⁣ Here he answers 18 Questions from Jen Nugent, CAM Registrar.


Esther Neff

Esther Neff is a teaching artist with CAM’s ArtReach program at Vashon High School, and led students in a stitching, quilting, and embroidery project for their 2020 exhibition in the Education Galleries. Here she answers 18 Questions from Miriam Ruiz, CAM School and Community Programs Manager.


Rachel Youn

Rachel Youn, one of the 2020 Great Rivers Biennial award-winners, sources materials and objects from home décor stores and hours of online secondhand shopping. In the studio, these objects are transformed into kinetic pieces that are often times clumsy, erotic, and absurd, playing with the relationship between manufactured goods and spirituality. Here they answer 18 Questions from Misa Jeffereis, CAM Assistant Curator.