Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

Photo: Virginia Harold.

The CAMpaign

Create: The CAMpaign is made up of three essential parts: growing our endowment, investing in innovation, and improving our building.

Endowment $10 million
Innovation Fund $1 million
Capital Improvements $1 million


CAM elected to become free in 2013, making full access to all audiences an institutional priority. In keeping with this initiative, all CAM education programs are free, all tours are free, and the vast majority of public programs are free. As a free museum, however, the institution receives little earned income revenue and very modest tax support. A robust endowment not only provides CAM a stable, reliable, and perpetual funding source, it elevates the museum to the top-tier of mid-size contemporary art institutions and ensures free access to all far into the future. CAM’s endowment will grow from $5 million to $15 million as a result of Create.

Innovation Fund

With a major funding source directed toward innovation, CAM expands education programs, engages and provides more employment opportunities to local artists, and develops new models for strengthening relationships between the museum and its community. At present, CAM lacks the resources to respond to all of the requests it receives for art education, teacher training, and professional development from St. Louis Public Schools, colleges and universities, and community and senior centers. The Innovation Fund allows the Museum to be even more responsive to diverse communities, including the growing demographic of life-long learners. CAM also strives to be a platform for new scholarship in contemporary art through publications and exhibitions with a global reach. The fund helps to keep CAM relevant, proactive, and a source for new ideas in the museum field.

Capital Improvements

To preserve and restore CAM’s 15-year-old home, much-needed improvements are essential. For CAM to secure art loans from major national and international institutions, galleries, and collectors, the lenders need to be assured that their work will be in a space with state-of-the-art climate control and security systems. In addition, CAM is committed to using more efficient technologies than were available when the building was constructed. CAM is destined to be greener, energy efficient, and eco-responsible—a symbol of excellence, beauty, and function, an ideal space in which visitors may engage with the art of our time.

Join us to Create a greater museum for a greater St. Louis.

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