Ori Tala

“Hostage in My Body”



Details: Acrylic painting.


This piece is in honor and commemorative of trans and queer bodies dealing with dysphoria and the many misunderstandings of our lives. Often feeling between many worlds and misunderstood. This is a piece for you, me, us using trans flag colors and the awakening and hope we have even in the heavy darkest days.

Ori Tala is an artist participating in the 2020 Black Friday Ball & Marketplace. They are a Black Indigenous, Twospirit identifying native and creative of St. Louis, Missouri. Their artistic talents started and were developed early in their youth. The pieces they create employ the intertwined comic style with cubism and are often in subjects surrounded in being cosmic and galactic. @oritalacreates www.oritalacreates.com

Size: 16 x 20 in.

This item is available for local pickup only.