Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

Hurvin Anderson: Backdrop

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Details: Mixed media paper, 80 pages, 2015


Hurvin Anderson: Backdrop features the many studies, photographs, and collages that provide the foundation for Anderson’s painting. It illuminates Anderson’s sophisticated use of photography and collage to construct complex spaces. Intuitive and instinctual, the artist overlays images to suture fragmented memories and complicate the legibility of remembrance. Backdrop encapsulates Anderson’s broad practice and elucidates the importance of his unique voice in our contemporary era.

Publisher: Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis.
Designer: Pony Ltd., London.
Text by: Jeffrey Uslip.

Interview: Duro Olowu and Hurvin Anderson.

Editor: Melissa Larner.

Exhibition dates: September 11—December 27, 2015.

Size: 11.5 x 18 inches