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I Remember Heaven: Jim Hodges and Andy Warhol

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Details: Hardcover. 112 pages. 2007.


I Remember Heaven explores shared affinities in the work of the pop art superstar Andy Warhol, and contemporary artist Jim Hodges. This cross-generational study looks at both artists’ work within a continuum of art production that finds history in everyday artifacts and uses aesthetic representation as a means to understand visibility and invisibility, sexuality, selfhood, love and death. Essayist Jose Esteban Muñoz discusses the artists’ work in relation to queer aesthetics before and after Stonewall. Susan E. Cahan examines the personal and social aspects of collective grief, a subject which preoccupied both artists. I Remember Heaven captures a sense of the America of the 60s as not so different from today: Once again, the American public is fiercely divided over social issues; once again, an unpopular war enters American homes via television; and once again, American culture is experiencing an explosion of information–this time spawned by the Internet.

Exhibition dates: January 26–April 8, 2007.

Size: 9 x 12 inches