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Incomplete Sketchbook Club Patch

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Details: Red twill with embroidery, metallic gold thread, merrowed edge, iron-on backing


When was the last time you got the last page of your sketchbook? Express your lack of tenaciousness, and spark a conversation with a fellow club member with the “Incomplete Sketchbook Club” patch: a perfect complement to your jean jacket, tote bag, or pencil pouch.

Featuring work from iconic artists we know and love, as well as designs from acclaimed designers from around the world, Pin Museum strives to create and showcase art and art history-related goods to a broad viewership beyond institutional barriers. Consistently exceeding the expectations of a traditional enamel pin or fashion accessory company, they make products that spawn conversations, showcase unique personalities, and identify unique interests. Henri Matisse once said, “creativity takes courage.” Pin Museum likes to believe they approach their business courageously.

Size: 2.8 x 3 in.