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The Exhibitionist

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Details: Paperback. 975 pages. 2017.


The Exhibitionist: Journal on Exhibition Making is an anthology of the first 12 issues of the journal about contemporary curating that bears the same name. Established in 2009 as a forum for critical reflection on exhibition-making and curatorial practice, The Exhibitionist has always defined itself as “by curators, for curators.” Modeled after the iconic French film journal Cahiers du cinémaThe Exhibitionist has served a critical role in examining current curatorial practices by focusing specifically on the exhibition format as a site of experimentation and inquiry. The Exhibitionisthas historicized, analyzed and critiqued a phenomenon it is itself symptomatic of—the rise of the curator since the 1960s, the ensuing explosion of curatorial creativity and the growing fascination with the discipline of curating.

Size: 10.20 x 7.50 inches