ArtReach: Vashon High School

ArtReach: Vashon High School

ArtReach: Vashon High School

The Contemporary Art Museum is seeking project proposals from local artists to work with ArtReach in Vashon High School during the first semester of the 2017/2018 school year.

CAM is excited to be partnering with Vashon High School in order to provide sophomore students with project-oriented art classes. Candidates are asked to submit a proposal for an art project that can be realized within a 10-week quarter (85-minute class meetings, 21-23 total) for two high school sophomore classes (approximately 15-20 students each). This can be a single project that both classes would work on or duplicate projects for each class.

Throughout the quarter, students will work on the project as well as toward developing the knowledge, skills, and technique required to realize the project. The artist must be present during the first week to introduce the project as well as make occasional visits to the classroom to work with the students/ monitor student progress.

The artist will act as consultant for the Learning & Engagement department who will create the quarter’s curriculum based around and culminating in the final project.

Vashon High School has expressed particular interest in projects that:

  • Are community-specific and oriented/public works
  • Incorporate elements of community/school history
  • Can be displayed/installed in the school
  • Incorporate elements of African American history

NOTE: As four projects will be attempted throughout the year, a proposed project need not contain all or even most of the afore-mentioned elements to be selected.

If selected the artist must be available throughout the entirety of a quarter* to:

  • Respond to time-sensitive e-mail correspondence throughout and leading up to the program
  • Work with the School Programs Manager to develop curriculum that will enable the classes to acquire the knowledge, skills, and technique required to complete their respective projects
  • Be present for at least three working sessions with the students Monday and/or Wednesday mornings** (two 85min back-to-back classes each session for a total of 9 hours of actual class time).
  • Help/direct/be present for final installation/opening night/other culminating event***.

*First quarter: Aug 16th-Oct 12th; second quarter: Oct 16th-Dec 20th; third quarter: Jan 3rd-Mar 9th; fourth quarter: Mar 12th-May 24th
**Final schedule to be determined
***Details dependent upon project

Applicants will ideally have previous teaching experience as well as experience working with teens.

  • Contract includes $600 stipend for time†.

  • CAM is responsible for the purchase of supplies (approx. $500 cap††).

  • Artists’ projects will be represented by a selection of student works and ephemera from the first semester in a curated show in the Education gallery during the spring exhibition season.

Proposals should contain an itemized supply list as well as a detailed timeline for completion of different stages of the project. While applicants will not be responsible for day-to-day curriculum, they should list a tentative week-by-week plan for the quarter.

† Stipend dependent upon amount of time spent in classroom. $600 is the base.
†† Cost determined on case-by-case basis. Please use recyclable and resources already available as much as possible.

Deadline for first semester applications is June 30. To submit a proposal, please send:

  • A detailed proposal
  • Supply list/cost (itemized list can be filled out later but should include accurate approximation)
  • 5-10 images of artwork (jpeg) and image list
  • Cover letter
  • Artist statement
  • CV
  • Quarters you are available/prefer*


 Please e-mail with any questions.