Calendar of Events

Free and open to the public, no RSVP required.  Complimentary drinks, popcorn, and snacks.

Film: The Rite (1969)

72 minutes
by Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman
Sunday, November 13 @ 7:00 pm
Screened at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
Free and open to the public, no RSVP required. Complimentary drinks, popcorn, and snacks.

In conjunction with the 20th Annual Stella Artois Saint Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF) and in partnership with Cinema St. Louis, CAM will screen The Rite (1969) by Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman.  The film was selected by current exhibiting artist David Noonan.

Plot Summary:

While on tour in a European country, the actors Hans Winkelmann, his wife Thea and his best friend Sebastian Fisher are charged of obscenities and sent to court. While interviewing the trio individually in his office, Judge Dr. Abrahamson challenges and discloses the feelings and troubles of the unstable personality of each one of them: Sebastian is an aggressive man with drinking problem and lover of Thea; Hans is a controlled wealthy man and leader of the company; and Thea is a fragile and vulnerable woman with mental disturbance. The judge pushes the emotions of the dysfunctional troup to the edge and they propose a private exhibition of their play The Rite for his evaluation where the judge finds more than eroticism and obscenities.


Film: Sick Serena and Dregs and Wreck and Wreck (2007)

12 minutes
By British filmmaker Emily Wardill
Duration of SLIFF, November 10-20
On view in the galleries at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
T-W (10-5pm), Th. (10-8pm), F-S (10-5pm), S. (11-4pm), Closed M.
Free admission with a SLIFF program

The Contemporary Art Museum (CAM), St. Louis, is proud to present a solo exhibition of the work of British filmmaker Emily Wardill. The presentation features her 2007 film Sick Serena and Dregs and Wreck and Wreck, in which props and costumed performers appear in theatrical situations that evoke the stained glass windows of Gothic cathedrals, yet possess a contradictorily contemporary sensibility in their actions and manner of speech. The title of the 12-minute film is a play on the popular phrase “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll” and captures both the obsessive and unconventional qualities of the acting and mise-en-scene, as well as the allusion to stained glass windows’ original function of communicating moralistic religious tales to a largely illiterate public. The film suggests how allegory and metaphor were once used to condition and control human social behavior and how this condition is extended in contemporary political rhetoric.

Emily Wardill: Sick Serena and Dregs and Wreck and Wreck is organized by CAM St. Louis Chief Curator Dominic Molon.