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Dada Ball & Bash

$75 – $1000


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Dada Bash$75.00

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Dada Ball & Bash—Benefactor$500.00

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Dada Ball & Bash—Patron$1,000.00

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Dada Ball & Bash
Saturday, March 2, 2019
Ball 6:00 pm / Bash 9:00 pm
Palladium and Joule (1400 Park Place)

We are made of star-stuff. So everybody is a star at the party of the year, CAM’s 2019 Dada Ball & Bash. Taking the elemental works of Christine Corday as a cue—the very stuff of the universe recast as monumental sculpture—the Dada Ball & Bash will launch us from the firmament to the cosmos. In the Dada spirit we mix space odyssey with oddity: a Ball with space-age cocktails and dining out of this world; a Bash charged with rocket fuel and supersonic entertainment. Let’s celebrate the star-stuff in us all.

The Dada Ball & Bash benefits everything CAM does here on Earth—dynamic exhibitions and inspiring learning opportunities. With your contributions and your starshine, we’ll make this the brightest night of the year.

Ball Chairs
Alexis Cossé and Erik Karanik
Mary Ann and Andy Srenco

Sponsorship opportunities are available. View the sponsorship packet here. Please contact Valerie Rudy-Valli at 314.525.0770 x213 or vvalli@camstl.org with questions.