PSA: x Kiki Salem, <em>Revolution Until Victory</em>, 2020. Multimedia installation, 208 x 98 in. Courtesy the artist.
PSA: x Kiki Salem, Revolution Until Victory, 2020. Multimedia installation, 208 x 98 in. Courtesy the artist.


Simiya Sudduth x PSA: premieres

PSA: is a collaborative public art project organized by artists Shannon Levin and Marina Peng. Using the traditional framework of the public service announcement, PSA: presents rotating text installations by St. Louis artists, writers, and poets at sites around the city. For Stories of Resistance, PSA: invited three contributors to present their work, each for a two-month duration. The installations have maximum visibility on the exterior of CAM’s building, with the third installation by Simiya Sudduth premiering June 24 and on view through August 15. 

Artist statement:

“Filled with Wisdom is an affirmation as well as an invitation. When we pause and connect with our breath and the present moment, we can access and enjoy some of the deepest acts of self-care and self-love possible. Deep breathing can be a powerful tool in cultivating a sense of personal empowerment and wellness. When we pause and check in with ourselves and listen to the messages that our body is sending, we can strengthen our intuition: our guiding light in life. Now more than ever, we are all reminded of the importance of our health, in mind, body and spirit. When we actively cultivate our own personal healing and self-care practices, we are engaging in acts of liberation by actively resisting systems of oppression that encourage us to neglect ourselves and each other. This piece also acts as a reminder that the presence, strength, and wisdom of Ancestors, both collective and personal, are available to guide us at any time when we are open and willing to receive their connection.”