Wyatt Kahn Performance

Commissioned by the celebrated performance art biennial Performa 15 and debuting in November, Work is the first museum presentation of Wyatt Kahn’s theatrical puppet show. In this tongue-in-cheek performance, Kahn’s paintings come to life and argue with him, rising up against their maker in a comical climax. Manipulated by the artist, these irascible paintings-as-puppets critique Kahn’s creations, mimicking the language of daytime talk shows on WNYC that fill his real-life studio, generating a conversation between artist, artwork, and audience about the various stages of artistic production. Each puppet—a, small copy of a large-scale painting—is modular, post-Minimalist, and shifts between illusions of depth and flatness through the sculptural collaging of white panels. Animated, they take on the high-spirited personalities and states of mind that brought them into existence in the first place – complex, humorous, and entirely the product of an irrepressible imagination. Learn more about the performance hereThis program contains occasional adult language.