Cezary Bodzianowski

Polish flâneur and performance artist Cezary Bodzianowski draws from silent cinema history and the radical gestures of Situationism for his absurdist theatrics.  A flâneur who walks the city streets, Bodzianowski spontaneously improvises his actions as a reaction to situations he encounters. Uninterested in an audience, an art context, or a spectacle, these performances are an expression of daily life, as if created out of necessity. Always poetic, funny, and generous, Bodzianowski’s work is also subversive and critical of the art establishments and the habits we form around the consumption and appreciation of the artistic act. Most of Bodzianowski’s interventions and actions are documented by his wife, the photographer Monika Chojnicka, with simple remembrance photos. In the Front Room is a slideshow of these images, accompanied by spoken commentary from the artist.


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