Christine Corday


Christine Corday combines the sciences with the fine arts to create a unique body of work that investigates the very stuff and definition of space and the universe. Her site-specific installation at CAM—Corday’s first solo show exhibited inside a museum—is anchored by RELATIVE POINTS, a twelve-piece installation of monumental works as well as the debut of a new hybrid, large-scale painting series, Primer Grey, Centers for Gravity. Each of the RELATIVE POINTS is fashioned through a cold-cast process compressing 10,000 pounds of elemental metal and metalloid grit into form. The sculptures will be placed in the gallery in a “non-random constellation” designed by the artist. The outer edges of the sculptures have various levels of permanence—with some of the surface layers eventually changing shape, sloughing off, or even crumbling as a consequence of subtle friction produced by visitor interaction. No matter what the construction and life of the works, Corday is insistent that each be touched by viewers, underscoring the importance of the human body in completing the work of art.

Christine Corday: RELATIVE POINTS is organized for the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis by Lisa Melandri, Executive Director.


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