Larry Krone


Larry Krone: Artist/Entertainer is an exhibition of work by New York-based artist Larry Krone that reflects the zeal and pathos of a passionate maker of objects, songs, and performances. Krone’s practice weaves an expansive discourse out of everyday, personal experiences and a fascination with marginal aspects of American popular and material culture. His distinctive language involves a significant level of self-disclosure and elicits his audience’s trust and identification. By performing and communicating intimate and even embarrassing moments through his objects, Krone offers up art that is at once starkly vulnerable, delightfully accessible, but most importantly, sincere.

Krone is well-known for his eclectic interests in music, performance, collecting, and American vernacular culture, and this exhibition represents a compelling and entertaining survey of the love, loss, obsession, and family fun that drives the artist’s work. Culled from his East Village studio and from various private collections, Larry Krone: Artist/Entertainer presents a decade of Krone’s work hung salon-style in non-chronological order, inviting visitors to move at will through the works and through the years, much like one randomly revisits a family photo album.


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