Oliver Laric

2000 Cliparts

Berlin-based artist Oliver Laric accumulates, sorts, and recycles visual materials available online. For Street Views, on view on the museum’s facade from dusk to midnight, CAM presents Laric’s 2000 Cliparts (2010). In this video, Laric animated a sequence of 2,000 examples of copyright-free clipart taken from various sources depicting human figures in different positions. The three-minute animation speeds through a range of stock characters such as martial artist, tennis player, and knight. Laric organized the images based on the form, pose, and action of the figure in relation to the image that comes before and after. The result is a spectacular, morphing portrait of human culture and cultural stereotypes. This work, a reinterpretation of his earlier 787 Cliparts (2006), anticipates our readiness to express ourselves through found images—a key component of meme and emoji culture. 2000 Cliparts is available for download on the artist’s website—its accessibility and free distribution is integral to the work.

Oliver Laric: 2000 Cliparts is organized for the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis by Misa Jeffereis, Assistant Curator.


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