Susanne M. Winterling

Susanne M. Winterling’s mural-sized film projections and still photographs evoke the now-forgotten mystique of the cinematic smokescreen and the shadowy fragments of historical narratives.  Capturing mysterious figures and shifting terrains, her films elude the qualities of straight documentary in favor of a complex web of imagery that is deeply temporal, esoteric, and nostalgic.

As a friend and collaborator of evas arche und der feminist, Winterling presents a new film within the existing Front Room installation. Inspired by the first line of a 1958 poem by artist Marcel Broodthaer’s, Ma memoire est un film en couleur (my memory is a film in color), Winterling draws on the idea that celluloid becomes a kind of dream machine. “And maybe the dream is also a film in colour,” the artist remarks. Shot with Super 16 mm film (here transferred to DVD), Untitled (formation: the circle, the line) juxtaposes figuration and abstraction in what Winterling calls “a rhythm of images and gestures, details and rituals.”

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