Tim Youd

St. Louis Retyped

Tim Youd retypes books. He retypes them on the models of typewriters the authors used in the creation of their works, typing each book on a single sheet of paper, which is laid on top of a second sheet of paper and run consecutively through the typewriter. The artist says he conceived of these art actions after realizing that reading a book is essentially looking at “a rectangle of black text inside the larger white rectangle.” Through his performances, he dramatically compresses each book, and exhibits the battered, ink-saturated pages as a diptych. For Tim Youd: St. Louis Retyped, the artist will retype works by four authors with distinct St. Louis connections: William S. Burroughs, T.S. Eliot, Stanley Elkin, and Marianne Moore. He begins his performances at CAM with Eliot’s Collected Poems, and then moves to specific sites that are part of the remaining authors histories. Along with the completed diptychs, a selection of Youd’s typewriter drawings—composed of one-hundred accumulated and superimposed outlines of the same model typewriters he uses in performance—will be on view in CAM’s Front Room gallery.



T.S. Eliot’s Collected Poems 
Typewriter: Smith Corona Silent “flat top” 
Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis 
January 19–21, 23–25
Stanley Elkin’s The Franchiser 
Typewriter: Adler Satellite 
Washington University in St. Louis 
Holmes Lounge, Ridgley Hall 
January 26
Coffee Room, English Department, Duncker 210 
January 29–30, February 1–2, 5–6
Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis 
January 27–28, February 3–4
Marianne Moore’s Complete Poems 
Typewriter: Smith Corona Coronet 
First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood, Tree of Life Chapel 
February 26–March 3, 5–7
William S. Burroughs’s Naked Lunch 
Typewriter: Hermes Rocket 

Burroughs’s Childhood Home (not open to the public)
March 8–9
Left Bank Books
March 10–12
Bellefontaine Cemetery
March 14–17

Performances will typically take place 10:30 am–4:00 pm with a break 1:00–2:00 pm. All performances are free and open to the public except where noted. Schedule subject to change.

Tim Youd: St. Louis Retyped is organized for the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis by Lisa Melandri, Executive Director, with Misa Jeffereis, Assistant Curator.



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