Zlatko Ćosić

A Murmuration

CAM presents a video by Zlatko Ćosić in the latest installment of CAM’s Street Views series, projected on the museum’s façade. A native of the former Yugoslavia, Ćosić’s experience of war and displacement have consequently shaped the content of his artistic practice. His “motion painting,” A Murmuration, begins with the play of light on water, a natural image that Ćosić manipulates by intensifying colors, varying speed and direction, to mimic the patterns of a flock of birds. The artist has said that nature was a source of solace when he was driven into forced labor during the war. With A Murmuration, Ćosić expresses nature’s liberating imaginative power.

Ćosić’s work spans a number of disciplines, including short films, video installations, theater projections, and live audio-visual performances. His work relates to issues of identity, immigration, and the complexities of living in unfamiliar cultural environments. By capturing the visuals and sounds of real subject matter and transforming and presenting them as abstract materials, Ćosić re-frames content to encourage viewers to reconsider their own contexts in nature and in society, inviting the imagination to dissolve static notions of being.

The video is on view from dusk to midnight every night from September 8 through December 31, 2017.

Zlatko Ćosić: A Murmuration is organized for the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis by Lisa Melandri, Executive Director.


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