Tim Youd prepares for <em>The Tunnel</em> in his LA garage. Courtesy the artist.
Tim Youd prepares for The Tunnel in his LA garage. Courtesy the artist.

Artist Notes from a Pandemic: Tim Youd

Tim Youd knows what he’ll be doing for the next month of COVID. “For me,” he says from his Los Angeles home, “it’s a compulsion to make art, and I’m very grateful to have a chance to devote myself to my compulsion—re-typing one novel for a month.”

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Art at Home: Fiber Weaving

Until fairly recently, fiber art such as weaving, quilting, or sewing, has been relegated to the category of ‘craft’ as opposed to the designation of ‘fine art,’ which disciplines such as painting and sculpture enjoy. Defying this prejudice, Sheila Hicks has spent her long career immersed in the…

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