Collective Impact 2021–22
Collective Impact 2021–22

Collective Impact

Collective Impact was established in 2020 as a multiyear partnership between CAM and Creative Reaction Lab (CRXLAB). Collective Impact makes use of an Equity-Centered Community Design™ model to identify, develop, coordinate, and collaborate in artistic interventions that directly relate to the challenges faced in our shared neighborhoods. In Spring 2021, the interactive exhibition A Sense of Home provided prompts that encouraged visitor reflection and action around three themes: Immigration & Citizenship, Housing & Health, and Abolition & Emancipation.

In Fall 2021, Collective Impact evolved toward a community-centered public art project developed for and with the residents in the neighborhoods around CRXLAB and the Museum: Covenant Blu/Grand Center, Vandeventer, and The Ville. The “Collective”—a cohort of locally based artists and members of the community—formed and examined their neighborhood landscape in search of a common agenda. They chose the topic of “safety,” and are in the process of identifying artists that could develop a public art project that speaks to what safety, or the lack of it, means. 

The 2021–22 Collective includes: Thomasina Clarke, Audrey Ellermann, L.M. Flowers, Melita Harry, Cynthia McCrea, Armenia Ratliffe, Jayvn Solomon, Simiya Sudduth, Aaron Williams, and Frankie Williams. 

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  • March 6: Open Call deadline
  • March 22: Shortlisted artists selected for Request for Proposals
  • April 20: Request for Proposals due from shortlisted artists
  • April 26: Finalist selected
  • April–June: Public Art Project

Collective Impact is organized in partnership with Creative Reaction Lab’s Cordell Billups, Program Coordinator; Antionette Carroll, Founder, President and CEO; and Ryan Page, Program Director alongside Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis’s Michelle Dezember, Director of Learning and Engagement; and Miriam Ruiz, School and Community Partnership Manager.