Speak Up St. Louis Podcast-in-Residence

CAM is pleased to host a Podcast-in-Residence that supports the launch and development of Season 2 of Speak Up St. Louis, a podcast that elevates the diverse voices in our community, broadcasting the shared stories, ideas, and creative contributions of our city’s cultural fabric.

Starting April 7, 2023, join host/co-creator Quinton Ward and executive producer Tré Alexander biweekly for fresh episodes and a robust lineup of guests and entertainment on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen to the latest episode:

Guests include

  • Ashley Winters (St. Louis American)
  • Lois Conley (Griot Museum of Black History)
  • Tyrell Manning (Ending the HIV Epidemic Program)
  • Jorge Riopedre (Delmar DivINe)
  • Sara Burke (The Katherine Dunham Fellowship)
  • MyCol Martin (DLiNX Media)
  • Jackie Hamilton (St. Louis County Library Foundation)
  • Dominic Chambers (Birthplace)
  • Ono Ikanone (Levels Nigerian Cuisine)
  • Katie Banister (Access-4-All)
  • Dr. Leon Hite III (CoachHiteU)
  • Harvey Lockhart (HEAL Center for the Arts)
  • Patrick Gutierrez (House of Vision)
  • Lisa Melandri (Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis)
  • Alexa Seda (Encore STL)

Audio Guide

Art can be at its most powerful when experienced in conversation with others. In the Speak Up St. Louis Audio Guide initiative, community members of various ages and backgrounds bring their lived experiences to the unpacking art on view at CAM. Their reflections and stories add value to the infinite possibilities of how an artwork can unfold for someone, and might even invite you to take another look at CAM’s exhibitions.

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Speak Up St. Louis is hosted by co-creator Quinton Ward and executive produced by Tre Alexander. Support from the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis is organized by Michelle Dezember, Director of Learning and Engagement.