Special Event

CAM’s 20th Anniversary Gala

On September 19, 2003, the Museum opened its extraordinary new building designed by renowned American architect Brad Cloepfil in the Grand Center Arts District of St. Louis. This marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter as the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. At its founding, the Museum was envisioned as a forum where inventive and challenging art would create meaningful conversation. Cloepfil’s critically acclaimed design has enabled us to present the work of nearly 700 artists, produce 260+ exhibitions, and welcome 550,000+ visitors into its flexible, inviting, and open space. The last 20 years have seen CAM become one of the major contemporary art museums in the country and an integral part of the St. Louis cultural landscape.

We look forward to having you help us honor and celebrate 20 years of CAM!

CAM’s 20th Anniversary Gala
Honoring Brad Cloepfil

21c Museum Hotel St. Louis
1528 Locust Street, St. Louis, MO 63103

Cocktail attire: Let yourself be inspired by CAM’s building, artists, and exhibitions. Dress in your artful best!

Your 100% tax-deductible contribution helps ensure CAM remains, as always, a site for discovery and a welcoming space for all. To learn more about making a gift, click here.

20th Anniversary Gala Chairs

Dwyer Brown
Boo and Chuck Cook
Alexis Cossé
Alison and John Ferring
Terry Good
Jan and Ronnie Greenberg
Paul Ha
Nancy and Ken Kranzberg
Betsy Wright Millard
Donna Moog+
Emily Rauh Pulitzer
Ann R. Ruwitch
Susan Sherman
Andy Srenco
Pat Whitaker
Jackie Yoon

20th Anniversary Gala Board Committee 
Shannon and Dr. Bradley* Bailey, Clarence Barksdale, Michelle Donnelly and David Bentzinger*, Larnise* and Scott Boain, Nanette Boileau* and Loran Chick, Mark* and Ramsey Botterman, Amanda Trudell Cambridge and Paul Cambridge*, Candice Carter-Oliver, Sarah* and Andrew Carlson, Gail E.* and Bradford J. Childs, Tracie Hope-Chisom and Sylvester Chisom*, Jane* and Robert Clark, Boo and Chuck Cook, Alexis Cossé* and Erik Karanik, Preston Davis, Dorte Bjerregaard* and Modou Dieng, JiaMin* and Michael Dierberg, Julie and David* Drier, Alison and John* Ferring, Shereen* and Michael Fischer, Devon and Matthew* Fischer, Sandra and David* Gantt, Elizabeth* and Marc Goldstein, Jan* and Rand Goldstein, Terry J. Good, Jan and Ronnie* Greenberg, Joe Herman, Terry Hoffmann* and Jeff Hartz, Meredith* and Jim Holbrook, Marylen L. Mann* and Frank Jacobs, James C. Jamieson III, Nancy* and Ken Kranzberg, Katherine Lazar, Stephanie Li and Hedwig Lee*, Judith W. Levy, Karen and Mont* Levy, James F. Mann, Joan H.* and Mitchell Markow, Guy and Margaret* McClellan, Susan B. McCollum, Isabelle* and Jean-Paul Montupet, Donna Moog+, Margaret McDonald* and David Ott, Deborah Patterson, Susan Barrett* and Chris Poehler, Carrie and William L.* Polk, James Probstein, Emily Rauh Pulitzer, Leslie and Jacob* Reby, Nancy Reynolds and Dwyer Brown*, Ann R. Ruwitch* and John Fox Arnold, Lois* and Vincent Schoemehl, Carol and William* Schuchard, Julian* and Sanya Schuster, Rick Shang, Julie and William* Shearburn, Susan* and David Sherman III, Thad Simons, Jeanne C. and Rex A.* Sinquefield, Mary Ann and Andy* Srenco, Michael Staenberg, Dr. Donald M. Suggs, Sally and John* Van Doren, David Wasserman and Cort VanOstran*, Kate Warne, Pat Whitaker* and Dick Miles, Anabeth* and John Weil, Shanti Parikh and Jason K. Wilson*, Sherry and Gary* Wolff, Tracie Wolfmeyer, Ann Yeatman Sheehan, and Jackie Yoon

*denotes the individual in the couple who is a current, emeritus, or former CAM Board Member

20th Anniversary Gala Host Committee
Christy Beckmann, Lisa and Tom Carnahan, Judith Child and Alan Schwartz, Adrienne Davis, Alison Sieloff and Sam Foxman, Tracy Hart, Cheri Hoffman, Anjali and Atul Kamra, Ashley and John Kemper, Deanna Kuhlmann-Leavitt and Robert Leavitt, Jacob Laws and Michael Feldman, Greg Lukeman and Justin Scarbrough, Lauren and Taylor Mason, Jessica Brod-Millner and Andrew Millner, Mary and James Moog, Kiku Obata, Angela Giancola and Ben Poremba, Brooke and Zack Ray, Stephanie Riven, Eleanor Safe and Dennis Hyland, Laura K. and Mark Sawyier, Susan and Michael Scully, Kate and Howard Stephens, Pam and Greg Trapp, Roseann Weiss and Harper Barnes, and Ted Wight