Claudia Wieser, Andrew Falkowski, and Elad Lassry

Claudia Wieser’s faded environments and geometric compositions are rooted in German Romanticism, Russian Suprematism, and German Expressionist film-à-la-Caligari and take the form of collages on found photographs or photocopied wallpaper installations. Andrew Falkowski’s wry and melancholic paintings of photographic backdrops present absent portraits, missing still-lives, and lost historical prerogatives. Elad Lassry’s photographs and films continue a collapse of background into foreground but also make use of photographic conventions and histories. Each in his and her own way, Falkowski, Lassry, and Wieser self-reflexively consider the layered process of picture-making.

Claudia Wieser was born in 1973 in Freilassing, Germany and lives and works in Berlin; Andrew Falkowski was born in 1973 and lives and works in Chicago; Elad Lassry was born in 1977 in Tel-Aviv and lives and works in Los Angeles.


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