Ebony G. Patterson

Within a practice that includes sculpture, installation, performance, and video, Ebony G. Patterson is known for multi-textured works that dazzle the eye and perplex the mind—collages of fabric, clothing, plastic butterflies, and an unabashed collection of bling. A native of Jamaica, her landscape-inspired installations depict tropical gardens that have gone awry, harboring ghosts and bodies left hidden in the shadows of leaves. In recent work, these human presences have receded, as if the gardens have consumed, or distilled, the missing persons she formerly memorialized. Patterson’s CAM exhibition reflects this new phase of her practice. She organizes shoes, buttons, toys, jewelry, and other objects—vestiges of the bodies they once clung to. From such materials she creates a site-specific, mixed-media work directly on the 60 foot-long Project Wall as well as an immersive gallery installation. A Washington University Sam Fox School of Visual Art & Design alum, Patterson returns to St. Louis with her maximalist visions.

Ebony G. Patterson is organized for the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis by Wassan Al-Khudhairi, Chief Curator.


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