Leslie Hewitt

Untitled (Level)

An artist-in-residence at Harvard University, New York-born artist Leslie Hewitt is drawn to the way we remember images and objects. Her photo-sculptural works ask how the human mind accesses, reframes, and changes the images that it remembers over stretches of space and time. Distinctively personal, Hewitt’s practice also involves a commentary on popular culture and the circulation of socially and politically charged imagery. She presents a new video installation in collaboration with cinematographer Bradford Young in The Front Room.

Expanding on her practice of working with notions of site specificity, location and dislocation, Hewitt’s new film installation, created in collaboration with cinematographer Bradford Young, uses Claude Brown’s Harlem migration text Manchild in the Promised Land (1965) as a point of departure. Hewitt and Young explore the inter-generational personal, political and psychological perspectives of moving from one space to another. Through a series of silent vignettes, time is marked through oscillations between the still and the moving image.

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