Mikey Burton. Courtesy the artist.
Mikey Burton. Courtesy the artist.


In the last decade, experimental and pioneering graphic design has emerged not from the coasts, Los Angeles or New York, but from the middle of the country. RBMBKESHKM is an acronym for the names of five graphic designers who have produced innovative design in the Midwest. Featuring a broad spectrum of work, from client driven projects to personal experiments, this exhibition presents new creative avenues within the field of design.

As part of the exhibition, each designer has been invited to design a poster for the five exhibitions in the summer season of The Front Room. These posters will be available as free takeaways and will be installed together in RBMBKESHKM.

RBMBKESHKM: Roy Brooks, Mikey Burton, Kelly English, Sibylle Hagmann, and Kindra Murphy is organized for the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis by Bruce Burton.

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