<em>Hurvin Anderson: Backdrop</em>, installation view, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, September 11–December 27, 2015. Photo: David Johnson.
Hurvin Anderson: Backdrop, installation view, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, September 11–December 27, 2015. Photo: David Johnson.

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RE: The Barbershop

CAM’s program series RE: (“Regarding”) features in-depth conversations on a variety of cultural topics. Inspired by Hurvin Anderson’s barbershop paintings, this fascinating discussion looks at the role of barbershops and beauty salons as important places for dialogue, self-expression, and community-building.
View the paintings and take part in the conversation with Keith (Shack) Shackleford, owner of Shack’s Barber and Beauty Salon; Rance John, owner of Rance John Styles and Barbering; CAM’s chief curator Jeffrey Uslip; and a facilitator from Cultural Leadership.
Keith (Shack) Shackleford
“Shack” is a 2nd generation barber and owner of Shack’s Barber and Beauty Salon in the Midtown neighborhood. A native of St. Louis, Shack was raised in the barbershop and continues the legacy of his father James Shackleford, a railroad worker turned barbershop owner in the early 1960s. Raised in the barbershop, Shack has since expanded the family business, partnering with his sister to create a barbershop and salon catering to both genders. Operating in St. Louis for over 50 years, Shacks not only has historical roots in the community, but continues to offer services from quality barbers and stylists six days a week.
Rance John
With over 17 years in the barber industry, Rance John (@rancejohn) is an award-winning groomer, advanced clipper cutting educator, motivational speaker, and social media super star with over 12.4k followers on Instagram. As a mentor, he has trained numerous barbers and stylists and is celebrated figure in the community, committing to numerous charitable causes.  He is a co-founder of the “Show Me Barbers Battle,” is the founder of “CUT out homelessness,” and spearheads Rance John Back to School Cuts for Kids Foundation, which offers free haircuts to school aged children. John is also a member of “The Foundation” Grooming team.
Cultural Leadership
Cultural Leadership is an award-winning youth development organization in St. Louis, Missouri. Their mission is to create a more just and equitable society by educating middle and high school students to recognize and resolve issues of privilege and injustice through the lens of the African American and Jewish experience. Through experiential based learning, the students of Cultural Leadership learn how to become culturally aware, socially conscious leaders with a passion for igniting change. Representing Cultural Leadership is Porscha Poole, a Class 4 Alumna of the program, and a current member on the Board of Directors. Porscha is an alumna, and now member of the Board of Directors, of Cultural Leadership. A 2014 graduate of Swarthmore College, took advantage of opportunities to travel internationally, including to Morocco, and speaks Arabic fluently. Her social advocacy interests include enfranchising marginalized populations, plus recognizing and celebrating different communities and cultures.