New Art in the Neighborhood


New Art in the Neighborhood is CAM’s flagship youth program, providing a nationally acclaimed, immersive studio art workshop to local teenagers since 1995. In recent years a NAN+ option was added, giving those students who wish to pursue art in college guidance in portfolio preparation and the application process. In the current exhibition, Sequence, the artists explore animation and other forms of sequential art—the use of more than a single image to allude to or tell a story. The students met with Sarah Paulsen, 2018 Great Rivers Biennial Award-winner, and analysed Guan Xiao and Oliver Laric videos at the museum. Starting from the young artists’ familiarity with film, cartoons, and anime, narrative forms were explored, whether autobiographical or fictional. Each week the classroom transformed into a small-scale animation studio, with the students creating the series of collaborative works on view in the Education Galleries.

2019 New Art in the Neighborhood participating artists: Elizabeth Adler, Paityn Brooks, Kimmeran Cade, Orquedia Campbell-Espinoza, Dalonte Chatman, Adelle Hill, Jordan Hunter, Isabelle “Izzi” Jackson-Cameron, Neil Metz, Margaret Nigh, Daria Parr, Levi Randle, Peter Rowlyk, Ashley Schweiger, Mya Stevens, Jamijna Westbrook, Joshua Williams, and Chelsea Zuckerman.

New Art in the Neighborhood: Sequence is organized for the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis by José Garza, Museum Educator, with Learning and Engagement intern Lingran Zhang.


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