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Art at Home: Remix Portrait

Amy Sherald is an American artist known for her photograph-based portraits. While she is perhaps most known for her painting of former first lady Michelle Obama, Sherald has been creating portraits of individuals from the African American community for decades. Sherald’s body of work is unique in that…

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Art at Home: Collaging the Self

Growing up, Mickalene Thomas was conscious of the lack of depictions of black people in art history and even in the media of her time. As a result, she drew particular inspiration from black celebrities such as singer/actress Eartha Kitt and black characters such as Whoopi Goldberg’s Celie in…

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Art at Home: Automatic Drawing

Upon first glance, British-born artist Nicola Tyson’s portraits may call to mind words like ‘ghoulish’ and ‘child-like.’ While viewers may be able to discern a human figure, the bodies and features are so distorted that it’s impossible to determine what the subjects look like. This is because Tyson…

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Art at Home: Code Quilting

Sanford Biggers’s work has long focused on African and African American material culture and history. Biggers’s interest in quilting is rooted in the rich tradition of African American quilting, especially those produced by the women of Gee’s Bend—a small, isolated Black community in Alabama. Although each quilter has…

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Art at Home: Fiber Weaving

Until fairly recently, fiber art such as weaving, quilting, or sewing, has been relegated to the category of ‘craft’ as opposed to the designation of ‘fine art,’ which disciplines such as painting and sculpture enjoy. Defying this prejudice, Sheila Hicks has spent her long career immersed in the…

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Art at Home: Paper Sculpture

Arlene Shechet has created artwork with a variety of art materials. Although she has concentrated on ceramic sculpture for the past decade, she hasn‘t let this prevent her from experimenting with other art forms. The ‘flat sculptures’ consist of layers of colored paper pulp layered over molds made…

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Art at Home: Colored Pencil Blending

Local artist Cecily Fergeson, one of CAM’s recurring teaching artists for our monthly Stroller Tour and Morning Play Date series, shares a virtual colored pencil blending tutorial that kids and adults alike can practice at home! Have you ever wondered the best way to choose your colors before starting…

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Art at Home: Blind Contour Drawing

Running out of Saturday night social distancing ideas? Natalie, one of CAM’s Visitor Services Associates, shares a great way to stay entertained—blind contour drawing!

Watch the video below to see Natalie’s simple tutorial, then grab your quarantine partner (or your pet, or a plant!), keep your eyes…

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Art at Home: Paper Collage

Derek Fordjour’s paintings were created from years of experimentation. The artist developed his unique process using humble materials, chosen for their affordability: charcoal, newspaper, cardboard, foil. To make his paintings, the artist begins by creating a base layer of tiled colored cardboard on canvas. He then wraps the canvas in…

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