A greater museum for a greater St. Louis.

After a period of remarkable growth, CAM is positioned to be as great as our ambitions. When you give to Create: The CAMpaign, our $12 million fundraising initiative, you enable us to reach broad and diverse audiences in St. Louis and beyond, bolster our city as a vital cultural destination, and offer a source of meaning in a complex and complicated world.

Be a part of Create: The CAMpaign to support the continued growth and vitality of CAM for years to come.

Give Now Why CAM Matters

The positive impact of CAM on students, teachers, artists, community leaders, and on the city as a whole can be heard in what people say about us.

“I am continually surprised and delighted by CAM’s program. Over the years, the Museum has opened my eyes to the work of artists I had not known, broadening my experience and vision of what contemporary art can be.”
—Emily Pulitzer, Chair, Pulitzer Arts Foundation, and CAM Board Member

“CAM in the public schools makes art education more about community. These students, these schools, these neighborhoods understand they are not alone, not in a silo, not marginalized. We are made to feel that we are integral to our city and the city is integral to us. A school is not an island and neither is a museum. It is a great experience to connect our institutions together.”
—John Grapperhaus, St. Louis Public Schools Visual Art Coordinator / Springboard to Learning Coordinator

“CAM means somewhere I can learn, make mistakes, and be who I am.”
—LEAP Middle School Initiative participant

“CAM is a vibrant and vital part of the St. Louis community. A free museum with timely exhibitions and excellent learning and engagement programs. CAM is an incredible resource for our neighborhoods and our city.”
—Marlene E. Davis, Alderwoman, Ward 19

“I value the museum’s attention to bringing artists to work with the community, and believe these connections strengthen and sustain creative practices both in and out of the institution.”
—Meghan Grubb, artist

“This institution is a glowing presence tucked into the American heartland.”
—Arlene Shechet, artist

“ArtReach has been able to bring experiences into the classroom that I could not. Vashon’s curriculum has been enhanced greatly by our partnership.”
—Tim Jennings, Art Teacher, Vashon High School

“Not all art institutions are making sure that the total family is engaged. CAM is a unique gem.”
—Dail Chambers, CAM summer teaching artist-in-residence

“CAM stands as an important reminder that art thrives when artists are allowed to be. The institution is as lively and vital as the art and artists it showcases. It is essential to Missouri’s visual culture.”
—Michael Donovan, Executive Director, Missouri Arts Council

“Because of your support, my classmates and I in LEAP and NAN have been able to take part in these fantastic programs for free. We don’t even have to buy art supplies. As our teacher José Garza says, all we need to do is show up. And we do show up, year after year, because CAM gives us the opportunity to explore the world through art. I really do hope to be an artist someday, and CAM is helping me toward that path.”
—Lilliana Bremerkamp, LEAP and NAN participant, speaking at CAM Gala

“St. Louis has a contemporary arts institution that looks more like the actual city.“
—Riverfront Times

“Hey CAM St. Louis. I love you!”
—Amy Sherald, artist